PROFILE Louis Brandt AIA Architect began his own practice in 1981 after working in house for several major corporations including Hoffman-La Roche Pharmacuecticals, IBM Corporation and many design oriented architectural offices.


Louis Brandt has designed schools, retail, hospital, medical offices, office buildings, recreational buildings, mult-family and private single residences throughout his  40 years of expierience.


Louis Brandt studied architecture at Pratt Institute and is a member of The American Institute of Architects, Architects League of North Jersey and National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, He currently holds licences in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.


Design Philosophy We strive for the direct and clear solution rather than the complex and contrived. Today's Architects are constantly buffeted by winds of fashions. This is a time when new trends are communicated almost instantaneosly.

Expierence, study and a discerning eye are needed to sort through it all, to distinguish the substantial and lasting from merely fashionable. We work hard to make such distinctions and to avoid drifting in the currents of the temporary.


Buildings seldom need to be monuments. They should be friendly places,good places for living,working and pleasure,never dull and boring. In the vast majority of cases, cost is a major factor. It is essential to design within economic limits,never using those limitationsas an excuse for aesthetic failure.


Without excellent help, excellent results are impossible. Today's buildings are complex structures requiring a team of experts for proper design resolution.

Our teams consists of specialists in structural, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, lighting, acoustical, civil site, landscaping design and more. However these tasks are not merely delegated, we are very concerned with these elements of the design work. Our relationship with these consultants is that of a collaborator with ideas transmitted in both directions.

Partners are important. They advise, share knowledge and are there to confirm or question ideas. Proper support at the project architect and drafting levels must be present to produce the results that we desire to achieve. 



Ultimately all depends on the professional relationship between architect and client. Good communication must exist. It is not exclusively the architects philosohy that is of importance. A successful project must also include the client's philosophies and preferences.


Both client and architect must have a sense of achievment,that together they have, through hard work and inspiration,done something very well using their full capabilities. There is no satisfaction unless both feel that something special has occured.

Mike Capo

Bachelor of Architecture, Univeristy of Notre Dame



Mike has been working with Lou for over 15 years and is experienced in all areas of architectural services.