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Company Store - Gerber Products Co.

Company Store

Gerber Products Co.

Florham Park, New jersey

The Company store located off of the main lobby was in addition to a 70,000 s.f. office renovation.


Subaru Showroom

Wayne,New Jersey

New exterior facade renovation

Mark's Corner Retail Center

Randolph, New Jersey


Preliminary Design of a new

60,000 s.f. retail center


Morris Plains, New Jersey


This was a preliminary design to upgrade the existing interior lobby

atrium space. A new main entry lobby and security area was added to the

front of the building.


Walgreen's Store

Bloomfield Avenue and Allwood Road

Clifton, New Jersey


Walgreen's Store

South Street

Cranford, New Jersey


Louis Brandt worked closely with the

Cranford Historical group in the design of tis building.

Walgreen's Store

Main Street and Clifton Avenue

Clifton, New Jersey


Louis Brandt worked closely with the city of Clifton

to design this building to comply with the downtown

economic group.

Ocean Professional Park

60,000 S.F. Medical Office Space

Cali  HiTech Franklin Township

Design of six HiTech Industrial Buildings

Franklin Township, New Jersey


The exterior of the buildings are all constructed using load bearing precast concrete wall panels..

The project was constructed during the winter months using precast concrete as the

exterior facade which increased productivity and met a tight completion schedule.


Louis Brandt designed this building in joint venture with

Beckhard and Richlan Architects , NY, NY.

Peckman River Industrial Park

Exterior Facade Renovation

Milton United Methodist Church

Milton, New Jersey


Design of a new church and attached Day Care Center.

Marrocco Memorial Chapel

Funeral Parlor and Pet Crematorium

Clifton, New Jersey


This building consisted of a complete interior and exterior renovation and addition, that converted the new memorial chapel from an existing office building.

The new facade was built over the existing construction.

Hess Oil Virgin Island Corp.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands


This building was designed in 1990 which replaced the existing

Administration Building damaged by hurricane Hugo.


The requirements for the new building was to design for a wind speed

of 200 mph and for earthquake Zone A.

The exterior precast concrete wall panels were fabricated in New Jersey and

shipped to St. Croix.


Upper Montclair Train Station

Bellevue Avenue

Upper Montclair, New Jersey


This building was designed after a fire destroyed the original 1890 train station.

The new building was designed to historically duplicate the original train station.

The Architect presented the design to the New Jersey State Historical

Department and also the town of Montclair for their review and approval.


The building today is a restaurant serving train passengers and the public.

Novartis Pharmacueticals

East Hanover, New Jersey


Interior design upgrade of seven story building elevator lobbies.

IBM Corporation

Parsons Pond Drive

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey


Designed and detailed all millwork items.

Mack-Cali Office Building

Plaza 777

777 Passaic Avenue

Clifton, New Jersey


Five story 60,000 S.F. office building

New Building for the:

Risdon Corporation

100,000 S.F.

Franklin Township, New Jersey

This project was designed with Beckhard and Richlan Architects NY,NY

New addition to existing Building for:

Bear Stearns

Whippany, New Jersey

New Pilot Plant Building

Novartis Pharmacueticals

East Hanover, New Jersey


Building was designed with CE&IC Burlington,NJ

Renovation to existing Building for new:

Golden Source Tile

Main Street

Clifton, New Jersey

Renovation to existing retail building for:

Broadway Plaza Retail Center

Passaic Avenue

West Caldwell, New Jersey


This was a total exterior and interior renovation to modernize

a 1950's existing building for a new retail center and restaurants.

Exterior Facade Renovation to existing Retail Building

Long Valley Retail Center

Long Valley, New Jersey


This was a total exterior facade renovation to upgrade and

modernize a 1950's building for a new retail center.